Where To Buy Polish (Online and Elsewhere)

Depending on where you live, getting your hands on certain brands of nail polish can range from easy to impossible.  As I live in Melbourne, Australia, it's difficult to find polishes other than OPI and pharmacy brands (and they're all expensive anyway) so I've put together a list to help myself and anyone who needs it to find sites where you can buy polish for cheaper prices and indies too.

Brick and Mortar stores in Australia - physical places that you can go to find big brand polishes

  • OPI, Illamasqua, Natio and other high-end polishes can be bought from department stores such as David Jones and Myer
  • Brands such as Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Revlon and Max Factor etc can be bought from most pharmacies such as Priceline
  • Sinful Colors and Ulta3 can be bought from Target - Sinful Colors can also be found at some pharmacies (find your nearest Ulta3 stockist here)
  • Pharmacies can have other polishes such as OPI on sale, and I've seen China Glaze polish in a bargain bin so you never know what you'll find!
Online - indies and cheaper big brand polishes can be bought online and shipped to your door!  All these sites ship internationally unless otherwise noted.  If you're looking for a particular brand, use Ctrl+F to find all the online stores that sell it!
(List updated 27/07/14)
  • Adorebeauty (Australia based) - Butter London, CND, Essie, Nails Inc, OPI, Poshe
  • Beauty So Fly (Singapore based, ships a maximum of 10 bottles internationally) - B Squared Lacquer, Cadillacquer, China Glaze, Essie, F4 Polish, Femme Fatale, Glimmer By Erica, Innisfree, Lac Attack, Lacquer Lust, Lacquerlicious, Lilypad Lacquer, Mint Polish, OPI, Polished by KPT, Pretty Pots Polish, Rica, Seche, Smitten Polish, Wingdust Collections, Zoya
  • Beyond Polish (USA based) - China Glaze, CND, Essie, Jessica, OPI, Orly, Seche, Zoya
  • Born Pretty Store - a range of nail art tools, nail polish, studs and glitters etc; practically anything nail-related that you can think of
  • Crush Cosmetics (Australian based, limited selection) - Barry M, Beauty UK, China Glaze, Color Club, Nfu Oh, Wet N Wild
  • Dazzled (Hong Kong based) - A England, Cirque, Dead Set Babes, Glisten & Glow, Happy Hands, Lac Attack, Lilypad Lacquer, Mint, My Ten Friends, NailNation 3000, Philly Loves Lacquer, Pretty & Polished, Shimmer Polish, Too Fancy Lacquer
  • Edgy Polish (Sweden based) - A England, Appeal4, Celestial Cosmetics, Cirque, Crowstoes, Darling Diva, Delush Polish, Glam Polish, Gloss 'n Sparkle, Indigo Bananas, Lacquerlicious, Lilypad Lacquer, Lustre Nail Varnish, Mentality, Nail Pattern Boldness, NDLacquers, Pahlish, Pipe Dream Polish, Polish TBH, Powder Perfect, Pretty & Polished, Rainbow Honey, Smitten Polish, The New Black, Too Fancy Lacquer
  • Ella Ann Cosmetics (USA based, potentially ships worldwide?) - F.U.N Lacquer, Glam Polish, Grace-Full Nail Polish, Powder Perfect, Sayuri, Shades of Phoenix, Tami Nail Polish
  • Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Australian based) - A England, Alanna Renee, Arcane Lacquer, Cadillacquer, Celestial Cosmetics, Cirque, Contrary Polish, CrowsToes, Dance Legend, Delush Polish, Ethereal Lacquer, Emily de Molly, Enchanted Polish, Femme Fatale, F.U.N Lacquer, Girly Bits, Glisten & Glow, Gloss n' Sparkle, Happy Hands, Hare Polish, Indigo Bananas, Jindie Nails, Lilypad Lacquer, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Love Thy Polish, My Ten Friends, Polished by KPT, Polish Me Silly, Pretty & Polished, Pretty Serious, Rainbow Honey, Sayuri Nail Lacquer, Scofflaw, Serum No. 5, Shades of Phoenix, Smitten Polish, Takko Lacquer, Wingdust Collections
  • Glitter Connect (Australia based, only ships to Australia) - Lynnderella
  • Gloss48 (USA based, only ships to USA) - flash sales, various indie brands
  • Harlow & Co. (Canada based) - A England, Arcane Lacquer, Bondi New York, Cadillacquer, Cirque, Color Club, Colors by Llarowe, CrowsToes, Cult Nails, Enchanted Polish, Femme Fatale, Girly Bits, Glam Polish, Glitter Gal, Jessica, Jindie Nails, KBShimmer, Kolt, la cc, Lac Attack, Lacquer Lust, Layla, Lime Crime, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Love Thy Polish, Mentality, Models Own, Modha, NCLA, Nubar, Ozotic, Picture Polish, Polished by KPT, Powder Perfect, Pretty Serious, Rica, Serum No. 5, Shimmer Polish, Vivid Lacquer, Wicked Polish
  • Hypnotic Polish (Netherlands based) - A England, Cadillaquer, China Glaze, Colors by Llarowe, Contrary Polish, Creative Shop, Dance Legend, Delush Polish, El Corazon, F.U.N Lacquer, Glam Polish, Glisten & Glow, Glitter Gal, Hypnotic Polish, Il etait un vernis, Kaleidoscope, Lesly, Lilypad Lacquer, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Mint, MoYou London, Mundo de Unas, Nail Vinyls, Nailz Craze, Polish Addict, Polish Me Silly, Pretty & Polished, Rainbow Honey, Seche, Serum No. 5, Shimmer Polish, Smitten Polish, ThumbsUp Nail
  • Llarowe (USA based) - A Box Indied, A England, Arcane Lacquer, Black Cat Lacquer, Barry M, Cadillacquer, Chick Nail Polish, Chrome Girl, Color Club, Colors by Llarowe, Contrary Polish, CrowsToes, Cult Nails, Dance Legend, Darling Diva, Dear Rus, Different Dimension, Dollish Polish, Elevation Polish, Emily de Molly, Esmaltes da Kelly, Girly Bits, Glisten & Glow, Glitter Gal, Gloss n' Sparkle, Hare Polish, HITS, Impala, Jade, Jindie Nails, JOSS Nail Lacquer, LeaLaC, Lilypad Lacquer, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Ludurana, Models Own, Nail Pattern Boldness, Ozotic, Pahlish, Picture Polish, Ruby Wing, Takko Lacquer, UP Colors, Wicked Polish, Wing Dust Collection
  • Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore based) - A England, All That Glitters, Arcane Lacquer, Barielle, BellsKandi, Black Cat Lacquer, Celestial Cosmetics, Chaos & Crocodiles, China Glaze, Cirque, Color Club, Contrary Polish, Crazy Polish Lady, Cupcake Polish, Daily Lacquer, Dance Legend, Daring Digits, Darling Diva, Delush Polish, Different Dimension, Disturbed Potions, Dollish Polish, Emily de Molly, Enchanted POlish, Ethereal lacquer, Femme Fatale, Girly Bits, Glam Polish, Glitter Gal, GlitterDaze, Gloss 'n Sparkle, Hapyp Hands, Indigo Bananas, Jindie Nails, LA Girl, La CC, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Love Thy Polish, Lucky 13 Lacquer, Lumina Lacquer, Lush Lacquer, Mckfresh Nail Attire, Naild' it, NCLA, Nfu Oh, Nubar, OPI, Penelope Luz, Pibble Polish, Pipe Dream Polish, Polish Addict, Powder Perfect, Pretty & Polished, Pretty Jelly, Pretty Serious, Rainbow Honey, Rainbow Polish, Sayuri Nail Lacquer, Scofflaw, Sea Lore, Serum No. 5, Shades of Phoenix, Sonnetarium, Sparkles By Julie, Stardust Polish, Starrily, Takko Lacquer, The Nail Junkie, Too Fancy Lacquer, XOXO Nail Candy
  • The Nailista Shop (EU based, only ships to EU) - A England, China Glaze, Cirque, Color Club, Glitter Gal, Il etait un vernis, INM, Kester Black, KleanColor, Mint, Miss Ashleigh, Nubar, Picture Polish, Poshe, Powder Perfect, Pretty & Polished, Pretty Serious, Spell Polish, SuperChic, Zoya
  • Nailsupplies.us (USA based; formerly called Transdesign) - Amour, Barielle, China Glaze, CND, Color Club, Creative, Cuccio, Essie, Entity, Jessica, Kolor Ring, Lechat, Misa, New York, Orly, Ruby Wing, Sation, Seche
  • Ninja Polish (USA based) - !!NOW REOPENED!! Barry M, Catrice, Cover Band, Dance Legend, Essence, Glitter Gal, Hits, Jade, Jessica, Layla, Misfit Polish, Models Own, Ninja Polish, various stamping plates
  • Norway Nails (Europe based) - A England, Alanna Renee, Arcane Lacquer, Chaos & Crocodiles, Contrary Polish, CrowsToes, Cult Nails, Cupcake Polish, Ellagee, Emily de Molly, Femme Fatale, Foxy Paws, Glam Polish, Glisten & Glow, Glittering Elements, Jindie Nails, Lacquer Lust, Lilypad Lacquer, Liquid Skyl Lacquer, Love Angeline, Love Thy Polish, Lumina Lacquer, Lynndrella, Manglaze, Miss Ashleigh, Nailnation 3000, Nubar, Ozotic, Peita's Polish, Penelope Luz, Picture Polish, Polished by KPT, Pretty Pots Polish, Pretty Serious, Serum No. 5, Spell Polish, The New Black
  • Polishinail (Romania based) - Cadillacquer, Celestial Cosmetics, Cupcake Polish, Daily Hues, F.U.N Lacquer, Glam Polish, Indigo Bananas, Moonstone, Penelope Luz, Powder Perfect, Pretty Jelly
  • Rainbow Connection (UK based, ships everywhere except for South America) - B Squared, Black Cat Lacquer, Cadillacquer, Cirque, Colors by Llarowe, Creative Shop, Crowstoes, Dance Legend, Different Dimension, Dollish Polish, El Corazon, Emily de Molly, Esmaltes da kelly, Ethereal Lacquer, F.U.N Lacquer, Fancy Gloss, Femme Fatale, Gelibility, Girly Bits, Glam Polish, Glisten & Glow, Hare Polish, Indigo Bananas, Jindie Nails, Lacquer Lust, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Nailz Craze, Pahlish, Picture Polish, Polish Addict, Polish Me Silly, Polished by KPT, Rainbow Connection, Scofflaw, Serum No. 5, She Sells Seashells, Smitten Polish, Starrily, Sugar Bubbles, Sparkly Vernis, Too Fancy Lacquer, Virtuous Polish, Wingdust Collections
  • Salon Style (Australia based) - Essie, Layla, Nubar, OPI, Out The Door, Ruby Wing, Zoya
  • mBeautyLounge - Caution: this site sells big brand (OPI, Zoya etc) nail polish for very cheap prices, but the majority of people who have ordered from there and posted reviews have been dissatisfied with the service and/or cheated out of their money.
  • If you're looking for an indie polish maker, Google their name and they'll have an Etsy store or a website where they sell their polish
Updated 30/03/2015.  Thanks to everyone who's given me updates for this list!


  1. Omgosh, so very helpful, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for compiling this

  2. The Nailista Shop out of Belgium also carries many indie brands and ships to continental Europe. www.thenailistashop.com

  3. www.enails.eu has worldwide shipping for professional products: CND, OPI, China Glaze, Orly, etc. In some cases thats also extremely useful to know. Thank you for the list once more and wish you good luck!

  4. I think Harlow is based in Canada, not the USA

    1. My mistake! Thanks for letting me know, I'll update that now.

  5. Hi

    I love the Enchanted Polish, especially the hologram ones, but I am finding it hard to buy them in Australia, a lot of the companies that sell it, oe not ship to Australia.

    Any ideas on where I might find them in Australia, went to Femme Fatal, but they have sold out on their stock.

    This is a great blog.

    1. Hi there! Apart from Femme Fatale, I did a quick search and I think you can get them straight from their site (http://enchantedpolish.bigcartel.com/). I'm pretty sure that they ship everywhere.

      Other than that, not sure! They seem to be quite exclusive. Some of the FUN Lacquer polishes look like they're just as good as the Enchanted Polish holos, so that's an option that will be easier to find.


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