Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pretty Serious Blue Gums On Boxing Day

Hello all!  Another swatch for you, of one of my older untried polishes.  This is Pretty Serious Blue Gums On Boxing Day, a green jelly shot through with blue shimmer.  I used two coats but I really should have gone with three as it was still a bit sheer; the formula was very easy to work with, though.  It's a nice polish but I don't think I'd wear it without nail art as plain green isn't my favourite nail colour to wear.

My fingers look a little funky here - sorry about that, it was overly bright when I was taking the photos!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - KBShimmer Clearly On Top
Polish used:Pretty Serious Blue Gums On Boxing Day - two coats

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