Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Glitterbomb Glitter Placement with Crowstoes Boat Drinks

Hello all!  This manicure is a bit of a different way (and looks more sophisticated, in my opinion) to wear a glitterbomb polish.  I've been inspired by Wug and Globe & Nail.

I started with two coats of OPI Do You Lilac It?, then went in with one coat on my middle and ring fingers with Crowstoes Boat Drinks.  Boat Drinks is a gorgeous mix of lavender and pale green glitter with a lot of circles and some shimmer as well.  On the rest of my nails, I used one of the small green circle glitters up near the cuticle.  I just used the polish base from Boat Drinks to stick it on, then top coated over it.

Boat Drinks is such a great mix of glitters in a colour combination I haven't seen a lot of, and I love how this turned out!  I'll definitely be doing this again with my other glitterbombs, as I'm fonder of an accent look rather than glitter everywhere at the moment.

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Essence Gel Look (one coat), Cult Nails Wicked Fast (one coat)
Polish used:OPI Do You Lilac It? - two coats
Crowstoes Boat Drinks - one coat on middle fingers + glitter placement


  1. A shoutout! That makes me stupidly excited. lol! Great colour combo, looks great!

  2. I thought I commented on this? Did I comment on this befor? If I haven't, then 'oh a shoutout!' and 'gorgeous glitter and colour combo!'

    1. Haha, sorry, I read and approve all the comments that go on the blog to avoid having to use a captcha system, and I haven't been on in a while!
      Thanks so much for visiting, and for the gorgeous inspiration! :)


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