Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flower Pond with China Glaze Shell-o

Hello all!  I really loved the look of my first flower pond manicure, so I did another one - this time using China Glaze Shell-o, a bright neon coral jelly.  I believe I used three coats of Shell-o in total, with Illamasqua Scorch dotted between coats, underneath the first coat and on top of the last coat.

It turned out so beautifully, and Shell-o is so bright and eye-catching.  I used more flowers than I did last time and I think the effect is much better; the pond manicure style is so much fun to play with, and I definitely recommend trying it out!

Base & top coat:Base - OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Top - KBShimmer Clearly On Top
Polish used:China Glaze Shell-o - three coats
Illamasqua Scorch - dotted over base coat, between coats of Shell-o, and on top


  1. I love this technique, but I don't have that many sheer jelly polishes, do you have any recommendations for some I can get easily in Australia?

    1. Hmmm, I'm not sure of any that you could get off the shelf at Australian shops (unless you know somewhere that sells China Glaze). If you want to stick to an Australian website/company, I'd definitely recommend; you can get the Nfu Oh Jelly Syrup polishes from there. I've gotten all of my jellies online!

    2. Or buy a few bottles of cheap clear topcoat and add a drop of your desired creme color that you already own! Mix well and add a few more drops as needed! ;)

      Love this manicure!

    3. Ahh, the top coat method looks great as well! I saw that on Robin Moses one time.


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