Friday, May 9, 2014

How to patch a nail break \ Tea Bag Method

Hello all!  I've got a little tutorial for you today - this is the tea bag fix, a method of patching up rips or breaks in your nails so they can grow out a bit.  I had somehow acquired a small split about halfway down the nail on my left middle finger.  I wouldn't have been able to cut it at this point, and didn't want to risk any more ripping so I decided to patch it up.

All you need for a quick and simple patch is a tea bag, tweezers, and nail polish (I use base coat, clear polish and top coat).  I know some bloggers recommend nail glue but it's not something I have on hand, and I've found plain nail polish works fine for me.  Another fix is using gel polish, another thing I don't have on hand!

1. Empty the tea bag of tea and cut a small square or rectangle to fit over the break.  Make sure your patch is larger than the break so you get some good coverage.

2. Lay down a thick layer of base coat, then use the tweezers to quickly place the tea bag patch over the rip.  Press down so that the tea bag adheres to the base coat.  Apply more base coat if it dries too quickly and the tea bag won't stick.

Base coat + tea bag patch
3. Add a coat of clear polish to seal the patch in.  I used Rimmel Clearly Clear.  Make sure you get right to the edge of the nail and all the way around the patch, filling in the gaps.

4. Finally, add a coat of top coat.  I do this step mainly to make everything dry quickly, as my clear nail polish takes forever to dry on its own!

Base coat + tea bag patch + coat of clear nail polish + top coat
5. Leave your other nails as they are, or apply your choice of polish and you're good to go!

I've found the tea bag fix really helpful in the past, it's great as a bit of extra protection while your nails grow out and it's quick and easy to do.  The closer the rip or break is to the tip of the nail, the less effective it will be as the nail does still move (especially if your nails are long), but it's good for keeping some nail length while reducing the risk of a bigger break.

Also, it may seem that the tea bag sits up quite high on the nail, but it's really not noticeable under polish.  I was wearing the fix under this, this and this manicure!

I hope this helps, and if you've tried this method or have any other nail fix solutions I'd love to hear about them!


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  2. Nicely illustrated! I use this method too, but with nail glue. I imagine pressing the patch into clear coat could be a lot easier, though! My breaks always happen at the edge of the nail so I am left having to finagle the tissue around the edge of my nail.

    1. Thank you! I always say I'm going to try nail glue but I don't get breaks very often (touch wood...) so I never get around to buying it. Breaks are such bummers.


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