Monday, April 21, 2014

So Blue (da ba dee da ba di) \ Water Marbling

Ahh, water marbling.  -crazed laughter-

This was my first time trying this particular nail art technique, and I'm actually very pleased with how it turned out (my left hand, anyway...the right one wasn't so good).  If you're looking for a good water marbling tutorial, take a look at this post by Corynn Musser on Lacquerheads of Oz - it helped me a lot!

For this manicure, I used Zoya Rocky, Sinful Colors Why Not and Sinful Colors Endless Blue for the water marble.  For my other nails I simply used two coats of OPI Blue My Mind.  I don't think I'll be up to doing a full water marble manicure for a while!

Though water marbling is quite time consuming when you first start out and can be very frustrating (what with the polish drying too quickly on the water and not making nice patterns, accidentally smudging everything, polish not cooperating etc etc), the effect it creates is amazing and I got so many compliments!  I know it'll get easier with more practise, as well.

I'd love to hear your water marbling stories!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:OPI Blue My Mind - two coats (pinky, index and thumb)
Zoya Rocky - two coats (ring and middle) + water marble
Sinful Colors Why Not - water marble
Sinful Colors Endless Blue - water marble

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