Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oops, broke a nail...

It was bound to happen - I had a rip in the nail of my left middle finger at about the middle of the nail, and I'd been patching it with the teabag fix for about a week (more on that in another post), intending to wait until it grew out enough to cut without completely nubbinising all my nails.

Then, I went to the pool with my family and had a blast on a floaty obstacle course, but unfortunately the combination of water + falling over everywhere + hard surfaces spelled the end for my nail.  The tip broke off in a pretty clean line at the point of the break, which was right down at the quick.

I couldn't bear to leave that one tiny and stubby while the rest of my nails were still glorious and long, so I chopped them all down (though the broken nail is still significantly shorter!)  They are shorter than they've been in ages; at first I hated it, but I'm actually quite enjoying it now!  It's giving me a chance to wear polish I wouldn't usually wear by themselves, and there's something really clean and cute about short nails and plain jellies or cremes.

I'm currently wearing three coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, because I wanted a sheer wash of pale colour that didn't grab too much attention.  I'm planning on wearing a lot of pastel jellies and, when my broken nail grows out a bit, some bright cremes (I'm looking at you, For Audrey).

I have some photos from before the break so I'll be posting those in the meantime, but no new posts of my nubbins until the break grows out some more!  I might do a compilation of photos with my right hand, though.

Happy polishing!

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