Monday, February 17, 2014

Elevation Polish Toubkal

It's a little ridiculous that I waited so long to wear this gorgeous polish, but I finally tried it and it does not disappoint!  This is Elevation Polish Toubkal, a deep burgundy jelly with bronze-gold flakies scattered throughout.

I'm wearing two coats of Toubkal with top coat.  The polish applied easily and was very opaque, just be careful not to get too much on the cuticles/beside your nails because the flakies are a pain to remove from your skin!

If you're a fan of vampy colours, fun flakies and sparkle, Toubkal is definitely worth picking up.  I loved wearing it!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Elevation Polish Toubkal - two coats

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  1. That polish is gorgeous! You were nominated for the Liebster Award at


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