Friday, February 28, 2014

Dance Legend Termo 177

Hello all!  I was so excited to try my first thermal polish - this is Dance Legend Termo 177, a slight shimmer polish that's a soft white when warm and a light pink when cold.

I needed three careful coats for opacity - the polish was streaky and didn't self-level well, but after three coats it was pretty much perfect.

It was very hot when I wore this manicure, so the photo above is what the polish looked like most of the time - white with a tinge of pink at the tips.  I did notice that when I was in cooler temperatures (even air conditioned rooms), the colour change was much more dramatic!

Index and ring fingers dipped into cold water
The polish's sensitivity to temperature was incredible; as soon as I dipped my fingers into cold water or washed my hands, the polish went pink at the tips immediately and the rest of the nail would follow if the water was cold enough.  In the photo above, I've shown the transition from cold to warm on my index and ring fingers.

I really like this polish, it was heaps of fun to play with and even when only the white was showing, it was a great clean look.  I think I'll wait until winter to try my other thermal!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Dance Legend Termo 177 - three coats

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ulta3 Spring Break

Hello all, I have another swatch for you today - this is Ulta3 Spring Break, a beautiful deep purple creme.  The formula for this polish was perfect.  I barely had to do any clean up and the polish applied easily in two coats.

If you're in Australia, I definitely recommend picking this baby up!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Ulta3 Spring Break - two coats

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zoya Thandie

I love Zoya more and more with each new polish I try!  This is Thandie, a softly-bright orange creme with a faint shimmer that shows in the bottle but not on the nail.  It's a beautiful smooth colour that I paired with Zoya Dhara for this mani.

I used three coats for full opacity (it had a tendency to drag, so make sure you allow each coat to dry fully before continuing!) and finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - KBShimmer Clearly On Top
Polish used:Zoya Thandie - three coats

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Giveaway Reminder!

Hello all!  Thank you so much for your entries in my blogiversary giveaway so far.

The giveaway ends in less than 12 hours, so if you haven't entered, now is the time to do it!  The giveaway is open internationally, so even if you live outside Australia, feel free to have a go.  I packaged up all the polish prizes today and they're sitting comfortably in bubble wrap waiting for their new owners.

Good luck!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Elevation Polish Toubkal

It's a little ridiculous that I waited so long to wear this gorgeous polish, but I finally tried it and it does not disappoint!  This is Elevation Polish Toubkal, a deep burgundy jelly with bronze-gold flakies scattered throughout.

I'm wearing two coats of Toubkal with top coat.  The polish applied easily and was very opaque, just be careful not to get too much on the cuticles/beside your nails because the flakies are a pain to remove from your skin!

If you're a fan of vampy colours, fun flakies and sparkle, Toubkal is definitely worth picking up.  I loved wearing it!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Elevation Polish Toubkal - two coats

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pink, White & Glitter - feat. Pretty Serious The Pink One and Moyou London stamping

Hello all!  I did something a little different for this manicure - I tried the two-accent-nail design, which I'm liking much more than the single ring finger accent style, and switched things up a bit with stamping and glitter.

I began with two coats of Pretty Serious The Pink One, which has an absolutely gorgeous formula and applied beautifully.  I top coated my ring and middle fingernails with Cult Nails Wicked Fast in preparation for stamping, then did a quick glitter gradient with China Glaze Snow Globe (iridescent glitter mix) on my other nails.  I top coated those nails and made sure that my middle two nails were completely dry before stamping.

I used Moyou London Princess Collection 13 for stamping.  I originally was going to stamp with the Born Pretty stamping polish I recently bought, but when I tried, the stamper would only pick some of the design up out of the plate.  I had this problem when I did my preliminary testing, but I remembered the white being okay, so I was a bit annoyed!  I decided to try using Illamasqua Scorch instead, and thankfully that worked alright.  I used a striper brush to touch up here and there at the sides.

I don't think this time turned out as well as my first attempt - perhaps due to the polish, perhaps due to the detail of the stamping design, perhaps due to the overwhelming heat we're experiencing here, but this definitely didn't turn out as well as it could have.  I wish the lines had come out a little better defined, but they still look cool and swirly from further away!  

I'm really proud of this mani and I'm happy with how it turned out!  It was super blingy and sparkly and the two stamped nails effect looked great.

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Pretty Serious The Pink One - two coats
China Glaze Snow Globe - glitter gradient
Illamasqua Scorch - stamping (Moyou Princess 13)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Droppings

Hello all!  Another untried polish busted today - this is Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Droppings, the brighter big sister to Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Spawn.  Unicorn Droppings is a mixture of yellow, blue, green, red, orange and purple hexes in a slightly grey off-white shimmery crelly base.  I love how this looks on the nail, it's colourful and fun whilst not being too in-your-face.

I wore Unicorn Droppings as two coats over one coat of white to ensure opacity.  The coats applied smoothly and two coats was enough to cover up the lingering streakiness of the single coat of white polish.  Glitter pickup was good (I rested the bottle upside down while applying base coat and the white) and spread well over the nail with a bit of manipulation.

I finished off with one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  The glitter didn't need any further coats to be smooth, which is very impressive!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Illamasqua Scorch - one coat
Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Droppings - two coats

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nail Pattern Boldness Bigger On The Inside

First of all, thanks so much for all the interest in my giveaway!  I'm really pleased with how it's coming along!

Now for the polish of the day - this is Nail Pattern Boldness Bigger On The Inside, an absolutely gorgeous blue jelly with microglitter sparklies.  This polish is inspired by Doctor Who and the TARDIS, and I feel that it captures the excitement of all of time and space very well.

Bigger On The Inside applies smoothly and perfectly in two coats.  I used one coat of top coat which dried a little bit textured, so for a glass-smooth finish you should use two coats of top coat.  It removed easily without the foil method.

It's a beautiful polish, and one I'll definitely be wearing again!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:Nail Pattern Boldness Bigger On The Inside - two coats

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Blogiversary Giveaway! (Open Internationally - 33 polishes to be won!)

A whole year has passed since Jessie and I first began this little blog!  It's been a fantastic year with too much lots of nail polish acquired and a lot more experience being gained.  

To celebrate this occasion, I'm holding a giveaway to find loving new homes for some of my polish and to find owners for some brand new bottles!  I'm also giving away some stamping plates.

There are 3 prize packs of polish to be won - one of the entry options will be to specify which prize you'd like so that I can allocate the prizes if you win.

Prize Pack 1: Darling Diva Bubble Time, Picture Polish Marine, OPI Navy Shatter, A England She Walks In Beauty, China Glaze Lubu Heels, Pretty Serious My Darlin' Clementine, Dearlee 079*, Butter London The Black Knight*, Butter London Tart With A Heart*, Contrary Polish Somebody Loved*, Essie Tour de Finance*

Prize Pack 2Orly Miss Conduct, Essie Matte About You, Glam Polish Bubble Breeze, OPI Red Shatter, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Butter London Shambolic, Orly Sashay My Way, Picture Polish Mardi Gras*,  Revlon Scandalous*, OPI In My Back Pocket*, Peita's Polish Ralph* (Limited edition - August What's In-Die Box?)

Prize Pack 3: Nfu Oh 51, La Femme Creative, OPI You Only Live Twice, KBShimmer Hex Appeal, Ulta3 A Lister, Butter London Scuppered, China Glaze Aqua Baby, Butter London Jack The Lad*, Alanna Renee Butterbeer*, Jindie Nails Rave*, China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat*

a Rafflecopter giveawayStamping plates - please note that these Moyou plates are not the XL sizes, they are the 'normal' plates with small images.  They are most suitable for those of you with short nails - the reason I'm giving them away is that I've tried them and they're a bit too small for me!  Hence this separate Rafflecopter widget, so that those of you with short nails can enter specifically.  (Don't worry, you can still enter to win the polish as well!)  Detailed images of the plates can be seen by following the links to the Moyou website.
Moyou Pro Plate 01*
Moyou Pro Plate 03
Moyou Sailor Plate 03*

a Rafflecopter giveaway The nitty gritty:
 - This giveaway is open internationally from 4th February to the 21st February at 12am AEST!  However, due to shipping costs, I will only be shipping a maximum of two prizes internationally (this includes both the polish prize packs and the stamping plates) - so one or two prizes will be for international entries, the others for Australians.
 - A * beside the polish/plate name indicates that they have been used by me.  Please note that the stamping plates have had the blue plastic protector peeled off, but only two of them have actually been used for stamping.
 - If you do not satisfy the three mandatory entrance options (providing an email address, letting me know whether you are in Australia or international, and picking your prize options), you will be disqualified.
 - Once winners are chosen, I will send emails out to you all.  If I don't get a reply within 3 days (72 hours), I will pick other winner/s.
 - Polish and Prejudice is not responsible for any breakages and/or losses in transit.  I'll be shipping within Australia with Australia Post and overseas via sea mail.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Orange Textured Chevrons

Hello all!  I can hardly believe it's February already, and that it's almost been a full year since Polish and Prejudice started.  I've come a long, long way since then, and I cringe a little when I look back on those first posts, but it's pretty great to see how my skills have improved!  I'll be posting something tomorrow (prepare yourselves for a glorious giveaway) but for now, have some photos of the mani I'm wearing now.

I started off with three coats of Zoya Thandie, an orange creme with a practically invisible shimmer.  I wish two coats were enough but the polish was still streaky at two.  I top coated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top then waited until my nails were completely dry before applying Scotch tape in chevron shapes and, doing one nail at a time, painting in the tape with Zoya Dhara and peeling the tape off.

I'm so impressed with Dhara, it's so beautiful and sparkly and applied so easily!  It's my first time using textured polish so I think this was a great way to ease myself into it.

The end result is still fairly subtle but with a nice contrast between shimmery texture and smooth creme, and it's really stunning in the sunshine!

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - KBShimmer Clearly On Top
Polish used:Zoya Thandie - three coats
Zoya Dhara - one coat (chevrons)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Haul

Firsly, a little announcement: Polish and Prejudice's blogiversary is coming up on the 4th of February and I'm planning a huge giveaway to celebrate (with lots of polish (new and second-hand; I'm forcing myself to do a little stash clearing), stamping plates and open internationally!)
My main haul this month comes from my trip to Hong Kong, where I made it my business to find nail polish I can't get in Australia and/or nail polish I can get for much cheaper.  Thanks to this glorious post on Did My Nails, I discovered Cher2, a dedicated nail polish store.  It was quite incredible for me to see so much nail polish all in one place.  I focussed on getting the Zoya polishes I'd been lusting after, and the Nubar Polka Dot polishes as well as some others.  In hindsight, I wish I'd bought more, but I'm glad I restrained myself.

Left to right (all Zoya): Charla, Hunter, Jaqueline, Payton, Dhara, Carter
Left to right: Nubar Black Polka Dot, Nubar White Polka Dot, Orly Fowl Play, OPI I Snow You Love Me, OPI My Very First Knockwurst
I got some new stamping plates from Moyou London as well, making sure that they were either full-plate images or XL images as I found the regular sized plates to be too small for my nails.  I picked the Pro Collection Plate 04, Sailor Collection Plate 06, Suki Collection Plate 05, Princess Collection Plate 13 and Explorer Collection Plate 05.  I'm so excited to try these out!

I also picked up some stamping polishes from Born Pretty.  I have done some preliminary testing, but full reviews to come!