Sunday, September 22, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale Skittles

Hi all!  I broke out my adorable mini OPI Euro Centrale polishes to do a skittle manicure.  The polishes that came in the set are Suzi's Hungary Again (bright coral creme), You're Such A Budapest (periwinkle with a faint silvery shimmer), Oy - Another Polish Joke (the gold shimmer) and Can't Find My Czechbook (blue creme).  

I used three coats of each polish for this look.  Their formulas left much to be desired, in my opinion - I've usually had great experiences with OPI polish so this may be because the minis are different somehow, but since I haven't tried these polishes in full size bottles I can't be sure.

At three coats, Suzi's Hungary Again wasn't completely opaque and still had a few bald spots, and Oy - Another Polish Joke still had VNL.  Budapest and Czechbook were relatively well-behaved, but they both needed three coats anyway to cover some streakiness and bald spots.

Though I am a little disappointed with the formulas, I did love the colours - they looked really cute all together and individually, I like how bright and lipstick-like Hungary is, the periwinkle of Budapest was gorgeous and Czechbook is a dupe for Zoya Rocky, of which I have a bottle (see comparisons at The PolishAholic).  Oy - Another Polish Joke was very shimmery in real life and I can see myself using it with undies as an accent.

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:OPI Suzi's Hungary Again - three coats
OPI You're Such A Budapest - three coats
OPI Oy - Another Polish Joke - three coats
OPI Can't Find My Czechbook - three coats

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