Friday, September 20, 2013

Jewel-tone Glittery Brushstroke Mani

I'm so glad that I got my act together to do this mani because I love it!  The brushstroke aspect of it is inspired by Gorgeois and Chalkboard Nails (follow the links to see their gorgeous manicures) but I wanted to do it with some jewel-toned microglitter polishes because why not.

I began with a base of my trusty A England Camelot, just one coat.  I then went in with Zoya Ivanka (green glass fleck), Ulta3 Infamous (teal jelly with microglitter), Pretty Serious BSOD (blue jelly with microglitter) and Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher (purple jelly with microglitter) for the brushstrokes.  I had planned to use China Glaze Atlantis as well, but the glitter in that one is bigger than the other polishes and it didn't work well.

To create the look, I swiped most of the polish off the polish brushes and then dabbed them onto the nail.  I made sure to overlap the strokes a bit so that the design meshed together.  I probably could have gone with more coats to overlap them more and get a 'deeper' look, but I left it looking kind of patchwork-y instead.  I finished by dabbing a bit of China Glaze Fairy Dust here and there for extra sparkle, then sealed the design in with two coats of top coat for maximum glassiness. 

Natural light
I'm really happy with the end result - it's insanely glittery and I love the flashes of different colours as my hands move.  The brushstroke method was very easy, even for my non-dominant hand, so I can see myself using it again in the future!

Notes on wear time and removal: I wore this mani for four days and only had minor tipwear and a bit of chipping on two of my nails.  No issues with removal, no need for the foil method.  I did find that I had some staining on patches of my nails - I think it was from the Ulta3 polish.  The staining came off with a bit of soap and scrubbing.

Base & top coat:Base - Duri Rejuvacote
Top - Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Polish used:A England Camelot - one coat
Zoya Ivanka - brush strokes
Ulta3 Infamous - brush strokes
Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher - brush strokes
Pretty Serious BSOD - brush strokes
China Glaze Fairy Dust - brush strokes

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