Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Haul

In my mind, August was going to be no-buy-August but that didn't turn out so well.  Oops.
Firstly, I bought four Ulta3 polishes (if you are unfamiliar with them, it's an Australian brand and the polish is $2 each!)  I grabbed Infamous, A Lister, Spring Break and Stop The Press. 

Read on for the rest of the haul!
Comparisons of the new Ulta3s with some other polish in my stash:

Infamous is more teal than BSOD.
A Lister is teal while Splash is blue.  I think that A Lister would be a pretty good dupe for Picture Polish Ariel.
Spring Break is definitely more purple than MUD Electrify It's red-plum colour.
These two look similar but Stop The Press is only composed of different sized hex glitter while Haba Xueshan has bars as well as pale blue circles.
I received the Wreck-It Ralph themed August What's In-Die Box (see my in-depth haul post with individual bottle shots here), containing five beautiful polishes that I can't wait to try!  I'm also excited since they're my first Sayuri, Peita's Polish, Glam Polish and Lilypad Lacquer polishes.

Left to right: Sayuri Fro Cone, Gloss 'n Sparkle Bad Anon, Peita's Polish Ralph, Glam Polish King of all the Candy!!! and Lilypad Lacquer Vanellope
Since the What's In-Die Box was sold through Glam Polish, you could get some Glam Polish polishes without any extra shipping charge.  I picked Bubble Breeze, a bright turquoise jelly with circular glitter.

I grabbed a couple of bottles from a discount pharmacy in my area - this is OPI Don't Burst My Bubble, China Glaze Let's Groove (a vampy dark purple shimmer (this photo isn't colour accurate at all, awkwardly) - expect a comparison post with this polish soon!) and China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

I nabbed eight beauties from Femme Fatale's recent sale.  If you're in Australia, I definitely recommend ordering from them!  They have an awesome range of brands at an affordable shipping price.  Another plus - they often have stock that sells out too quickly on other sites like Llarowe!  (Cosmic Forces, anyone?)

I'm really happy that I managed to get my hands on my first Alanna Renee, Emily de Molly and Hare polishes; as well as Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Droppings, which I've been lemming for so badly.

Left to right: Gloss 'n Sparkle Unicorn Droppings and Blaqua
Left to right: Alanna Renee Butterbeer, Hedwig and Chocolate Frog - HECK YEAH HARRY POTTER POLISH COME TO MY ARMS
Left to right: Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces and Oceanic Forces - so glad I could get these two!
Hare Polish A Positive - this one is seriously a delicious jelly sandwich in a bottle
Aaaand that's not even the end.  I saw some slightly discounted OPIs in a chemist and grabbed You Only Live Twice and Die Another Day from the Skyfall collection (You Only Live Twice is my all-time favourite polish, so I couldn't resist a backup bottle), and I found a lonely Fantasy Fire in Big W so I had to rescue it.

Left to right: OPI You Only Live Twice, OPI Die Another Day and Max Factor Fantasy Fire


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    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with the August haul :) Hopefully I'll be able to resist buying anything this month!


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