Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Blog Award

I was surprised and very flattered when Relle of Lazy Lacquerista nominated Polish and Prejudice for a blog award!  Thank you, Relle!  (And many apologies for taking so long to answer!)

What is the Best Blog Award?
Generally, when you receive one of these type of blog awards, you are nominated by one of your blogging peers.  The nominator will contact you either via comments or email etc, and you will be given a link to their blog post.  Their post will include guidelines about the award, what to do to pass it on, and a list of questions the nominee (that's me) has made up for you to answer.  You will also see their answers to the questions from the person who nominated them.  
These awards are given out for fun, and has the added bonus of a little hyperlink networking with some of your favourite bloggers. 
It's totally up to you whether or not you accept the award and pass it on.  There is no panel of judges or criteria to be met, no angels will lose their wings if you don't pass it on, you'll not be struck by 10 years of bad luck.  I will not be offended if the people I have selected ignore my nominating them.

* Answer the 11 questions asked by the blog  who nominated you
* Nominate up to 20 other blogs with less than 200 followers
* Ask 11 questions for your nominated blogs to answer

Alright, now on to my answers.

1.  What was your weirdest childhood injury?
I haven't actually had any bad injuries.  I guess the stupidest one would be when I kneed myself in the face and got a blood nose while doing a forward roll in gym when I was about 5.

2.  What is your phone's current ringtone?
The Iron Man 3 titles theme.

3.  What is your favourite piece of clothing?
That's a tough one!  I'd probably have to go with my 'house pants'.  They're a pair of simple, black and greyish chequered floppy trousers that my grandmother made for me.  They are well loved.

4.  Which song reminds you the most about your Father/Mother/sibling (pick one)
I'll go with my Dad for this one - whenever I hear Great Balls Of Fire, I think of him.  That, and a lot of other old country music.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone at all, alive/dead/ficticious, who would it be?
Nooo, I'm terrible at these!  I'd love to have dinner with JK Rowling, though.  I grew up reading the Harry Potter books and I'd like to be published some day, so JK is someone who's quite dear to me.  I sent her a letter when I was in primary school and I got a photo in the mail so that photo's stuck to a cupboard in my kitchen.
Or Hermione Granger; because MAGIC.

6. Where is your favourite holiday destination (whether you have been there or not)?
I'd have to say Queensland, because I went there with my friends and have a lot of lovely memories; or Japan, simply because it's an amazing country and I love the food.

7. What was the first computer game you can remember playing, and what was it played on?
Ahh, the first game I remember playing would probably be the space cadets pinball on an old PC.

8. Do you have any crafty hobbies?
Well, nail polish, but other than that, does baking cookies/cakes/brownies count?

9. Who is your favourite artist?  They can be the traditional painter, sculptor, etc, or even digital artists.
I'm not a huge art fan (I'm more into movies and books), but my Auntie is an artist and I love her paintings.  There are also a lot of digital artists that I admire.

10.  What is your worst time-wasting habit?
Tumblr.  It's a curse.

11. What was the last website you visited yesterday!  (You might have to go to your internet history for this one!)  If you're too embarrassed to admit it, remember the internet is for porn.  ;)
It's a bit of a relief that my answer to this one's quite tame!  The last website I visited last night was tumblr.  (As it is most nights, unfortunately...)
I'm not going to nominate anyone for the award because I'm lazy completely knackered from work, but if you guys want to visit any other awesome blogs, I've got a huge pile of them in my sidebar!  :)

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