Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nfu Oh 51

Nfu Oh 51 - a polish that is famous for its multichrome glow and gorgeous flakies.  I'm happy to say that it definitely lives up to expectations!  The photo above shows one coat of 51 over A England Camelot, with no top coat.  Over black, the multichrome flakies really have a chance to shine.

Without a base colour, 51 builds to opacity in 3 - 4 coats.  The blurple jelly base shows through this way, and the flakies mainly show up as a reddish fiery colour.

At three and four coats, though, the multichrome goodness comes out to play in certain lights!  If you haven't got this polish or one like it, Nfu Oh has discontinued its flakie line, so I'd grab a bottle before it goes.  I'll definitely wear this over black again and again, and it'll be great for flakie gradients and nail art too.

Notes on removal: some scrubbing is required to remove the flakies from the nail, but nothing as bad as glitter polish.

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - none
Polish used:Nfu Oh 51 - one to four coats/one coat over black
A England Camelot - one coat

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