Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Haul (Part 1)

It's that time again; another haul post!  Hooray!  In this post, I'll be showing you what I picked up at the beginning of May.

Firstly, I got some Nfu Oh polish and a China Glaze from Crush Cosmetics, an Australian-based online store.  I had a freak out when I saw there was Nfu Oh there!

Left to right: Nfu Oh 51, Nfu Oh 58, Nfu Oh JS01, Nfu Oh JS15, China Glaze Fairy Dust
The Nfu Ohs are two flakies and two Jelly Series polishes, and China Glaze Fairy Dust is a gorgeous clear-based polish packed with holo microglitter.

As for the e-tailer, Crush Cosmetics; I highly recommend them.  Delivery was prompt and my polish arrived all safe and sound.  If you're in Australia and are wondering whether to do an order, I say go ahead!


Next up is my little haul from Pretty Serious.

I picked two gorgeous polishes up; Daphne's Birthday Party, which is for Pretty Serious's first birthday celebration, and BSOD (a.k.a. Blue Screen Of Death).  They both look absolutely amazing, and this photo doesn't do BSOD's glorious sparkle any justice at all.

Left to right: Daphne's Birthday Party, BSOD

And now, a few polishes I picked up from Priceline; a couple of Sinful Colors polishes, Revlon Royal and Essence Gel-Look Top Coat.

Left to right: Endless Blue, Pistache
I grabbed Revlon Royal because I've heard a lot of good things about it, and it's a gorgeous deep blue jelly.

I picked the Gel-Look top coat up because I've heard that it's a good glitter tamer; and I do love a glassy glossy mani.

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