Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Battle of the Reds: Cult Nails Evil Queen vs Models Own Red Alert

I ordered Cult Nails Evil Queen as part of my Cult Nails order because I wasn't satisfied with my other bright red, Models Own Red Alert, which I wore here.  Red Alert took at least three coats to be completely opaque on me, and I wanted a red which was easier to work with; and I saw on Chit-Chat Nails that Cult Nails Evil Queen was a one-coater.  What was I waiting for?

So, I got down to swatching Evil Queen against Red Alert.
Here's one coat of each.  In real life, the nail line was much more visible on both polishes, but more so on Red Alert than Evil Queen.  Evil Queen is definitely not a one-coater on me, but if I was doing a gradient or glitter gradient that covered the tip, it'd be okay in one coat.

After two coats, the difference between Red Alert and Evil Queen was much more pronounced. Red Alert still had a lot of visible nail line, while Evil Queen was just opaque (there was a tiny bit of VNL, but nothing very noticeable).  It doesn't show in the photos as much.  Another difference between the two polishes is that Evil Queen is a bit darker than Red Alert (which, of course, isn't visible in the photos, gosh darn it).

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - none
Polish used:Cult Nails Evil Queen - one to two coats
Models Own Red Alert - one to two coats

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