Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March/April Nail Mail and Haul

March and April have been good months for nail polish (but not so good for my wallet...)!  I picked five polishes up in Hong Kong, got nail mail from Cult Nails and Born Pretty Store, and did a combined Llarowe order with Jessie (though those polishes are yet to arrive).  So, here goes!


Cult Nails was having a sale and I had quite a few polishes that I wanted, so I bit the bullet and did an unplanned buy.  I bought Bitten and Coveted (from the Behind Closed Doors collection), Evil Queen and Princess (from the Cult Fairy Tale collection) and two bottles of the Wicked Fast top coat.  When I opened the box, there were three bottles of Wicked Fast, surprisingly!  I remember that there was a prize of an extra bottle if you were the first 100 or so customers using the discount, so I think that's what happened.  I'm certainly not complaining!

(Pictures and notes of Cult Nails bottles and all my other new stuff is under the cut)

Coveted is a dark green jelly with flakies.  It reminds me of sushi seaweed.  I don't have a polish even remotely like this one, so I'm excited to try it!

Bitten is a raspberry pink glass fleck polish.  For some reason I had it in my mind that it was a darker, brown-red vampy shade, so I was a bit 'whaaat' when I unwrapped it.  However, since I love glass fleck polishes and I love this shade of pink, I'm sure it will be a winner!

I was a bit nervous that it'd be a dupe for OPI You Only Live Twice, my favourite polish, but I did a quick side-by-side comparison and the OPI is definitely more red.

Evil Queen is a red creme that I've heard good things about.  I do have a red polish almost exactly like it (see below) but that one is a three+ coater, and apparently Evil Queen is a one coater!  I didn't want to dread having a sexy red mani, so I hope Evil Queen works out for me.

The last Cult Nails polish is Princess, a baby blue with a pink shimmer.  The shimmer was hard to catch on camera, so here's to hoping it shows up on the nail!

Here's a comparison to China Glaze For Audrey to get an idea of the colour.


I also got nail mail from Born Pretty Store.
The striping tape came in twelve rolls of all different colours, though I intend to use them for blocking out nail art, so the colours won't matter much.

These French mani guides came in three different shapes, which should be fun to play with.  I ordered them because I've never tried doing any kind of French mani, and since my nails are curved, I can't just use tape for the tips without making a lot of effort to cut them into rounded shapes!

The nail art brush set has fifteen brushes with fan brushes, small detail brushes, striper brushes and more.  I've been aching to try some simple nail art designs, so I'll be able to do that now!


Finally, of the five polishes I bought in Hong Kong, four were from the beauty store/pharmacy Sasa (two Color Combos, one Docile and one Revlon) and the other is an Yves Saint Laurent polish (!!!).

The Revlon polish is Scandalous - one that I have been quietly lusting over for a while now.  It was the equivalent of AU$3, so I couldn't resist it.  It's a black jelly based polish with magenta/fuchsia glitters of large and small size.  I'll break out the PVA base coat for this one.

The first Color Combos polish is CTW511, a sheer blue based jelly with iridescent flakies.  It looks gorgeous and I'm currently wearing it over OPI Blue My Mind. The second Color Combos polish is CBL115, a grey creme.  I really hope it's a good two-coater because I need a grey polish in my stash!

The Docile polish is D224 and it's a black creme base with silver and holo microglitters.  In a lot of lights, the holo glitter doesn't show at all, but when it does - wow!  The holo glitter shows up beautifully in the sun.  This polish is actually quite special to me because my Mum picked it out and I'm glad to report that the wear time is fantastic!

Finally, I bought my first designer brand polish - Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Aztec.  I had my heart set on finally buying a designer polish, and it was either Dior or YSL - the Dior polishes were all creme at the department store I went to, and I'm a shimmer girl at heart, so YSL it was. I was first drawn to Bleu Cobalt, which had a beautiful shimmer in the bottle, but I was shown some swatches and the shimmer didn't show on the nail, unfortunately.  So, I went for the next most sparkly thing and came up with Bronze Aztec, which is a bronze-brown based polish with a gold shimmer throughout.  Hnngh, I can't wait to try this one!  It's completely unique to anything else in my collection.

One note on the YSL though - the brush, as you can see pictured, is actually quite wide - about the width of my pinkie, and even wider than the OPI brushes!  It should be a bit of a challenge to use, but it might surprise me.


Phew, that's it.  Congratulations and thank you if you're still reading!

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