Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Llarowe Haul (indies galore!)

Before I begin, my heart goes out to all the people who have been affected by the Boston bombings and, in fact, to anyone experiencing violence in their lives.  I hope that you all have love and support to get you through any dark times.

I am fortunate enough to be relatively problem-free at the moment; my biggest issues are tests and assignments, which are easy to get through as long as I apply myself!  The addition of more glorious nail polish to my stash also helps a lot.  Today I'm going to present my haul from Llarowe - thirteen polishes that arrived very promptly, safe and sound.

I've got bottle shots and descriptions of all the new polishes (very pic-heavy!) below the cut - so read on for more!

First up is Gloss 'n Sparkle, an Australian indie brand.  I ordered four polishes; Cookie Dough, Merry Go Bye Bye, Lead Paint and Unicorn Spawn.

Cookie Dough (I couldn't resist) is a caramel-nude based polish with bronze microshimmer and larger dark brown hexes.  Ugh, it's completely gorgeous, and I'm pretty certain that it'll look exactly like cookie dough on my nails.

Merry Go Bye Bye is a glitter explosion of red, blue, pink and yellow hexes of different sizes in a clear base.  The pickup on the brush is great - no glitter-fishing will be required for this baby!

Lead Paint is a dark charcoal black based polish with gunmetal hexes of different sizes.  Again, great glitter pickup on the brush.

Unicorn Spawn is the muted pastel sibling of the popular Unicorn Droppings, which I am dying to have but it was sold out!  It has a white base with pastel pink, blue and yellow hexes as well as a silvery holo shimmer.  I'm very excited to try this one out!


Next up is piCture pOlish!  I didn't pick up any of the cremes (saving those for later purchases, maybe...), and instead went for the glitters because my stash was sadly lacking in versatile glitter polishes.  I went for Gene Doll, Mardi Gras and Splash, some sophisticated and simple glitters that aren't all in your face size-wise.

Gene Doll is comprised of smallish pink hexes and micro glitter as well.  Mardis Gras is the same glitter makeup but with aqua, silver and pink hexes while Splash is all blue.  I'm very excited for all the layering combos, jelly sandwiches with OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and especially tonnes of glitter gradients!


I got two gorgeous Jindie Nails polishes; Silent Night and Rave.

Rave has a white jelly base which is populated with blue and pink hexes, pink circles (!!!) and some transparent yellow-green hexes.  I'm so excited for this, I think it'll look awesome!

Silent Night has a dark blue jelly base with holo square, star, hex and moon glitters.  Glitter pickup might be a bit hard with this one, but I'll see how it goes with upside-down-bottle-rolling.


Ah, A England.  I have loved Camelot, Merlin and Morgan Le Fay, so I couldn't resist picking up another couple to add to my collection; Perceval and She Walks In Beauty.

Perceval is a gorgeous, gorgeous juicy red shimmer/foil polish.  I've swatched it quickly over the top of some other polish and it's incredible - might even be a one-coater!

She Walks In Beauty has a golden-green shimmer base with small pale pink glitters.  It looks very soft and delicate, while being complex and interesting.


Now for a Crowstoes polish, Voodoo.  Voodoo is a crazy glitter bomb in a clear base; the base is very gloopy, but this is intentional and can be thinned as much as I desire.  The glitter that Voodoo is made of include orange bars, purple squares, blue microglitters as well as orange hexes and there's probably some other stuff in there too.  It looks incredible and I can't wait to wear it (over a PVA base, of course!)


Lastly is Girly Bits Howl At The Moon.  This is a black jelly based polish with golden hexes of different sizes - it does remind me of those pictures of wolves silhouetted against a full moon.  Good glitter pickup, though some rolling of the bottle/holding upside down may be required to get the full range of glitter sizes on the brush.

And that's it!  Thank you for reading (if you made it this far); I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

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