Monday, March 4, 2013

Sea Bubbles Nail Art with Sally Hansen

Hey there guys! I was recently perusing through the well stocked Sally Hansen section of my local Priceline and immediately singled out this gorgeous sea glitter, Mermaid's Tale. Then following the blue theme I also bought Blizzard Blue. Mermaid's Tale is full of green and blue hexagon glitter and lots of tiny blue glitters inside a dark blue base. It requires about 3 - 4 layers for about opacity and the technique of dabbing is best to get even coverage of the hexagon glitter. Blizzard blue is a very sheer lovely light blue with a light turquoise shimmer that goes brilliantly with Mermaid's Tale.

I felt like continuing the sea theme onto my nails. On all my nails I used three layers of Blizzard Blue, and on the accent fingers I used two layers of Mermaid's Tale.

For the bubble look I used Sally Hansen's Big Money and OPI's It's Totally Fort Worth It. To begin I used the end of my nail art brush (I don't have my own dotting tools) to create three to four larger circles of It's Totally Fort Worth It placed in random spots near the bottom of the nail. Then I used a toothpick, building up the tip with polish so that the dots would be slightly larger, then placed another two to three smaller dots spread above the bottom circles. I recommend not going all the way to the top of the nail with dots, only because in my opinion it looks nicer. 

Then you follow the same process with the other polish. Making sure not to place the dots in exactly the same position as before. I hope you guys give this a try. You must, must, MUST purchase your own bottle of Mermaid's Tale. It's absolutely gorgeous.

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