Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset


Hello all!  It's Alicea here with a Pretty Serious polish.  This is Seasonal Sunset, a gorgeous burnished copper-bronze glitter.

I had a bit of trouble applying this polish - I found that the formula was a bit gloopy and dragged on my nails, especially at the tips.  Adding some thinner might improve things, so I'll do that for the next time I wear it!

I used three coats for these swatches but only two on my pinky finger.  You could probably get away with two careful coats, but I did three to cover up some bald spots that still remained after two coats.

I love how this polish looks on the nail; all the tiny glitter bits make it glow from within and the colour is beautiful!

Notes on wear time and removal: I used PVA glue as base coat for this mani.  See this post for more information!

Base & top coat:Base - PVA glue
Top - OPI Top Coat
Polish used:Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset - two to three coats

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