Friday, March 29, 2013

Layla Hologram Effects Flash Black

Direct flash
Back when I was a polish noob, I saw Layla holo polishes floating around in the blogosphere so I ordered one online straight away.

This is Flash Black, a charcoal black linear holographic polish that's a dream to apply and has a strong holo effect.

It goes on in three easy coats (two is almost enough).  The formula is quite runny but doesn't flood into the sides of your nails, and the brush is a wide, flat one that works perfectly.  It is recommended that you don't wear base coat or top coat for the Layla holo polishes (apparently base coat makes the polish drag, and top coat dulls the effect (I can attest to this one)), and I'm wearing neither in these swatches.  You can, however, wear an aqua base (Nfu Oh makes one and so does Fnug, I believe) underneath, as they're specially formulated for holo polishes.

Unfortunately it was very overcast on the day I swatched this, so I did some funky things to coax the holo out.  This is what it looks like in weak natural light:

This is under the light in my room:

And the photo at the top of this post is with direct flash.  The holo is pretty amazing, and I can vouch for its dazzling effect in the sunlight!

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - none
Polish used:Layla Flash Black - three coats

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