Sunday, March 31, 2013

Purple and Orange OPI polishes in Dotting Nail Art

Okay guys. Here's another from me. I decided to do a simple dot manicure that actually looked really good. I was really proud of my attempt. It may take a while but it doesn't actually take a very long time.

I used A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find and Purple With a Purpose. I've already used Purple with a Purpose for other manis, as I'm sure I told you it is a gorgeous shimmer purple with tiny blue and pink flecks in it. Opaque with two coats. A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find is less orange than it seems in these pictures slightly more pink I would describe it. I can't seem to find the best word for it right now.. Peach? No that isn't right either. Either way, it is another fabulous OPI product that is opaque with two coats.

Now it may look complicated but it really isn't. 
1. First you do two coats of your base colour (I decided to swap the colours for my accent finger). [I'm going to help with explaining by using colours in my example. So paint two coats of orange.]
2. Once dry using your other contrasting colour paint the bottom diagonal of your nail - halve it diagonally. Paint as many coats as you need to make this opaque. [Paint your nail diagonally with purple]
3. Now you take the original colour you were working with and with each of your nails, using a dotting tool, dot the colour periodically along the diagonal line. Making sure to overlap into the base colour area a tiny bit. This makes it look like the colour is seeping into the next. [Dot orange dots evenly along the diagonal line in the purple section.]
4. Swap sides. Do the same thing with the other colour. Dot the contrasting colour onto the diagonal line inbetween the other colours dots (on the correct side) making sure to overlap a little. [Dot purple onto the orange section along the diagonal]
5. Then you can go in on each side and dot evenly as many as you can fit. Don't try to fill too many in. [Purple in orange. Orange in purple]

It takes a little time but once you get the hang of it isn't that time consuming. Have fun with it. Try really crazy colours. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Layla Hologram Effects Flash Black

Direct flash
Back when I was a polish noob, I saw Layla holo polishes floating around in the blogosphere so I ordered one online straight away.

This is Flash Black, a charcoal black linear holographic polish that's a dream to apply and has a strong holo effect.

It goes on in three easy coats (two is almost enough).  The formula is quite runny but doesn't flood into the sides of your nails, and the brush is a wide, flat one that works perfectly.  It is recommended that you don't wear base coat or top coat for the Layla holo polishes (apparently base coat makes the polish drag, and top coat dulls the effect (I can attest to this one)), and I'm wearing neither in these swatches.  You can, however, wear an aqua base (Nfu Oh makes one and so does Fnug, I believe) underneath, as they're specially formulated for holo polishes.

Unfortunately it was very overcast on the day I swatched this, so I did some funky things to coax the holo out.  This is what it looks like in weak natural light:

This is under the light in my room:

And the photo at the top of this post is with direct flash.  The holo is pretty amazing, and I can vouch for its dazzling effect in the sunlight!

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - none
Polish used:Layla Flash Black - three coats

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Models Own Aqua Violet

It's Alicea here!  I finally got around to wearing my third Models Own polish, Aqua Violet, a blue-purple duochrome from the Beetlejuice collection.  I had a lot of trouble the first time I tried this polish due to the gloopy formula, but I added some thinner and its much better.

Here I'm wearing one thin coat of Aqua Violet over one coat of A England Camelot with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  You can build this polish up to opacity by itself, but make sure that you use thin coats to avoid bubbling!

The duochrome shift is lovely, and is actually visible in a lot of lights.

In sunshine, the polish is an aqua shimmer that darkens to the side of the nail; it's kind of glowy, which is a very nice look!

Notes on wear time and removal: Unfortunately I got quite a few big chips on my thumbs, index and middle fingers on day two of this mani.  There were no issues with removal.

Base & top coat:Base - OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Top - China Glaze Fast Forward
Polish used:A England Camelot - one coat
Models Own Aqua Violet - one coat

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Giveaway at manicurator!

Hi there, it's Alicea here and I'm pimping another giveaway today - this time at manicurator.  If you haven't seen this blog already, you should definitely go check it out because Victoria's nails and manis are almost unfairly beautiful and her photos are always flawless.  

She also has two sets of the new OPI Bond Girls liquid sand polishes to give away, which I found super exciting because, yay giveaways (one day I will win one of day...), but also because I haven't had a chance to try any liquid sand or other texture polishes and OPI costs a fortune here in Australia.  Take a look!

Wear Test: OPI Top Coat (and Drip Dry) vs China Glaze Fast Forward

Hello all, I'm going to do something a bit different today and review a couple of different products that I've been using recently.

The first top coat I bought was OPI's normal top coat (previously I'd been using a clear polish because I was a nail noob, but hey, it worked) and I've been using that since then.  I did end up getting a lot of dings in my polish while it was still wet because I'd brush my hands against various things by accident - which was very annoying.

Then OPI Drip Dry came into my life, which was kind of exciting because polish drying faster could only be good.  I used it the first time on my cling wrap mani and was very impressed with how it works (though, be careful not to get any of the drip dry onto polish that hasn't been top coated - it'll make it go gloopy and stringy like some kind of weird worm.  I know this from experience).

However, I really really wanted to have a quick dry top coat.  I don't think that you can get Seche Vite easily in Australia (my friend told me that you can't ship it in, either), so I looked up some alternatives and came up with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  I knew a place that sold it so after some research, I went and picked it up.  As soon as I tried it, I was amazed at how quickly it dried and have loved it ever since; but was a bit worried at how quickly (within two days) my manicures chipped when I used it.

So, because I like to know things, I decided to do a wear test between the OPI top coat + drip dry and the China Glaze to see whether it really was the top coat's fault that my manis chipped, or whether it was just the polishes.

I started off with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats of Sinful Colors Feeling Great (I wanted to use a polish that wasn't OPI or China Glaze).  I then topped my pinky, middle finger and thumb with China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat and my other two fingers with OPI Top Coat and the drip dry.  On my right hand, I reversed the order so that I could have a really thorough test going.

Results are under the break!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi Gloss Barry M Blackberry

Okay, so this post is basically a swatch for Barry M Blackberry. It's my only polish of theirs in their Gelly Hi Shine collection. And I have to say, what it says is true. Definitely Hi Shine.

I used two coats of Blackberry for complete opacity. It is a beautiful jelly textured polish and so shiny that I didn't even use a top coat.

For variety I added a blue glitter on top of my fourth fingers. This glitter doesn't actually have a name, as it came in a set but if in Australia Chi Chi has cheaper and really nice polish, so definitely purchase some for yourself.

The only thing I noticed was that by the end of one day I had a tiny bit of tip wear that I normally don't have with my other manis. Maybe I was doing something that wasn't good for my nails, or maybe it was because I didn't have a top coat or maybe this polish just isn't as strong as some others.. Overall I think this polish is gorgeous, with a nice flat colour that would be perfect for working in a business setting.

(I never have bad polish reviews. I love nail polish XD)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and A England Morgan Le Fay

Hello there!  I've got two beautiful polishes to showcase today - OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! from the New York City Ballet collection, and A England Morgan Le Fay.  I'm wearing three coats of Don't Touch My Tutu! and one coat of Morgan Le Fay with top coat.

Don't Touch My Tutu! is a sheer white jelly, the first of its kind that I've tried.  It applied like a dream and looks beautifully elegant and feminine on its own.
I'm going to put the rest of this post under a cut because it's a bit picture-heavy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blue to Yellow Gradient with Nicole OPI and Barry M shimmer polishes!

I apologise for the yellow light in my bathroom everyone! This post (because of how awful the colour seems to look) is more about the technique than what it looks like at this point.

This was my first successful gradient ever and when I completed it I was so proud of myself, I couldn't stop smiling. After seeing such amazing photos of what others have done, the dismal turnouts I had before were not satisfying. At. All. I recently purchased my first set of Nicole OPI polishes and decided to put my shimmer polishes to good use. 

I used Barry M Navy, which is a beautiful deep blue, that has an extra dimension of pretty when it shines in the light. Navy is probably my favourite blue polish that I own currently and only needs two coats for opacity. The Nicole OPI polishes are Yellow It's Me and Iceberg Lotus. Iceberg Lotus is a glitter duochrome, that shimmers blue or green depending on the light. Whereas Yellow It's Me has a much more subtle orange shimmer to it. I have to say, of the two I think I like the yellow polish better. I haven't actually done individual swatches of these two so I don't know how many coats is needed for opacity. From looking at the contents of the bottles I assume that it would only take two coats for Iceberg Lotus but seeing as Yellow It's Me is much more sheer, it definitely should take a few more coats for opacity.

Now onto technique. I used a base coat of course, then layered one-two coats of Yellow It's Me. Once dry I taped around my nails to reduce the mess (I'm so glad I did this. It does not create a minor mess) around the edges of my nails. Next, I painted polish directly onto the piece of sponge I had with me. I placed a decent amount of polish in each section and made sure to overlap the edges of two colours. Once I did that I dabbed it onto the nail. Sometimes with a rolling motion, other times just dabbing in order to get the gradient I wanted. I did one coat, then waited for it to dry, then followed with a second coat.

While my clean up around the edges is less than perfect (I'm awful at removing polish) and the yellow lighting in my bathroom does not make my nail colour look amazing, I'm still super proud of how my Gradient nails turned out. This is definitely the first step in becoming a Gradient pro. XD

Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Hello all, I just need to put this short administration post up -

I've been seeing a lot of blogs posting about Google Reader being phased out, and that Google Friend Connect might also be on its way, which is a sad thing for all of us.  I've decided to set up a Bloglovin account so that you can follow Polish and Prejudice through that.

You can also keep using GFC and follow by email!

OPI You Only Live Twice (and China Glaze Fast Forward top coat)

Last Monday was my first day of university (!!!) and I wanted to have some nice celebratory nails for the day, so I broke out one of my untried polishes - Models Own Aqua Violet.  As you can probably guess from this post, things didn't work out; the polish was gloopy and difficult and bubbled horribly on my nails, and I didn't have thinner (I bought some the very next day) so I took it straight off and went bare-nailed for another day.

The next day I was aching for something easy and familiar, so I revisited OPI You Only Live Twice from the Skyfall collection.  This raspberry-red glass flecked polish is my favourite out of my whole nail polish stash!  (The only problem with it is that it chips very easily).  I'm wearing two easy coats (you may need a third thin coat on some nails, but two works perfectly for me) with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.

Direct sunlight - look at those gorgeous glass flecks!
In other news, I went back to the pharmacy where I bought my first China Glaze polishes and picked up some more polish - China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (a yellow creme that's been on my wishlist!), For Audrey (a Tiffany & Co pale turquoise creme) and Atlantis (a blue and green glitter in a blue base).

I also bought China Glaze Fast Forward top coat, the first quick dry top coat that I've tried.  I usually use OPI's regular top coat and I definitely noticed a difference in dry time when using the China Glaze.  It was dry to the touch in only a few minutes and I didn't get any smudging, which I usually end up getting when I use the OPI top coat and forget that I have wet polish on.  It applied really easily and levelled out beautifully to a lovely shine!  I've heard a lot of complaining about its smell but it's really not a big issue after a few hours - and the smell isn't horrible, it's just strong and slightly sweet.  Fast Forward will definitely be my go-to top coat from now on, especially when I'm in a rush!

Notes on wear time and removal: I wore this mani for three days.  By the second day I had some tipwear on my index and middle fingers and a chip on my thumb, but no other signs of wear on other fingers.  I didn't have any issues with removal (no foil method or peel-off base coat required!) but you do need to be careful because some tiny red glitter bits do end up stuck to your nails; a good scrub with a nail brush after removal got rid of most of them for me, though!

Base & top coat:Base - OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Top - China Glaze Fast Forward
Polish used:OPI You Only Live Twice - two coats

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A England Camelot

Hello all!  Today I've got A England Camelot to show you.  I've seen a lot of good reviews on other blogs so I was very excited to try it out.

The formula was great, smooth and highly pigmented, and pretty much opaque in one coat.  I'm wearing one coat with no top coat in the photos here - in person there were a few bald spots, so if I was going to wear this by itself, I would probably go for two thin coats to ensure opacity.  If you're layering glitter or another polish over the top, one coat should be enough to get by.
And look how shiny it is, even without top coat!

All in all, Camelot is another beautiful polish from A England and I'm very impressed with it.  I'll definitely be using this polish as a base for lots of things!
I bought this polish at Ninja Polish, but there are heaps of other sites that sell A England.

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - none
Polish used:A England Camelot - one coat

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cling Wrap Manicure with OPI and Ulta3

I tried my first cling wrap/Glad wrap/saran wrap manicure and I was surprised at how simple it was to create such a great look!

Here's a quick step-by-step to achieve this look.
1. Choose two polish colours (or three if you're feeling ambitious!) that will go well together.  Cut some cling wrap up into ten or more square-ish shapes (one for each finger).
2. Paint your nails with base coat and then with your base colour - it's best to use the lightest colour of the two.
3. When your base colour has dried, paint on a coat of your darker colour and immediately use a scrunched-up ball of cling wrap to dab at the polish until you get a marbled effect.
4. Finish with top coat.
(Here's a helpful video tutorial by chicachew on Youtube as well)

I started off with base coat and three coats of OPI Did It On 'Em from the Nicki Minaj collection.  It's a bright yellow-green (I'd describe it as lime green or chartreuse).  This polish was a bit streaky but easy enough to apply, and if I was wearing it on its own I'd probably go with four coats or three thick coats.  I quite like the bright lime green colour, though!

After the base colour had dried, I painted on a coat of Ulta3 Tahitian Lime on one nail and quickly dabbed at the polish with some cling wrap until I'd removed some of the green colour to reveal the lime green underneath.  After one dab of the cling wrap, turn the ball over in your hands so you use a new bit and don't smear any polish onto your skin.  I would recommend not pressing too hard with the cling wrap, because I did end up pressing into my base colour on a few nails.

I repeated this with the rest of my nails then finished off with top coat, which smoothed out the bumps from the design and gave it a beautiful shine.  One of the great things about this technique is that there's no mess beside your nails and on your cuticles to clean up!  I'm looking forward to using this technique and exploring other colour combinations.

Notes on wear time and removal: I wore this mani for three days and, despite being a little iffy about the colour (and really messing up my thumbs while the polish was wet...) I didn't really want to take it off!  There was no chipping and very minimal tipwear in the form of the green polish moving back to show a little more of Did It On 'Em at the tips - not really noticeable at all.  Removal was easy-peasy.

Base & top coat:Base - OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Top - OPI Top Coat + OPI Drip Dry
Polish used:OPI Did It On 'Em - three coats
Ulta3 Tahitian Lime - one coat (cling wrapped)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nicole OPI and Butter London Simple Flowers

Hey guys, today I ventured out with two new polishes that I recently purchased. I bought my first set of Nicole OPI polish, the one in this post being I'm A Pool For Love. The Butter London polish is Shag, which I bought for Alicea when I found it at my university shop. I have never seen Butter products at any other store so it was quite a surprise. I had to resist the urge by all of them.

Has anyone else noticed that basically all Nicole OPI polish has at least a subtle shimmer to them? Which I think is fantastic. I can not get enough of glitter. I'm A Pool For Love is a deep purple that shimmers blue or purple depending on the light. I used three coats, though depending on how you layer it, you probably could use only two for opacity. Shag is a gorgeous bronze that has an almost texturised look to it. It only needed two coats for opacity (though I happen to have three in the pic.)

To spice it up a bit I added one of the simplest nail art designs I know. All you have to do is dot five small blobs of polish (not too thick but not so small that the polish dries immediately) in a flower shape. Then you get a toothpick and place it in a blob and drag towards the centre of your flower shape. You do this for every dot and you end up with simple, pretty flowers (Not that you can see them that easily in these pics, I'll use lighter colours next time). If you don't want to put in too much effort for your nails or don't have time, these flowers are the best way to spice up your nails without effort. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rimmel Green With Envy

Here's another swatch for you today!  This is one of the first polishes I bought when I started getting into the whole nail polish thing last year and I still love it.  It's from Rimmel's 60 second line and it's called Green With Envy.

One thing I love about Rimmel is their flat, curved brushes which make it very easy to apply the polish!  The brushes aren't as wide as OPI's which actually works better on my nails.

I'm wearing two coats of Green With Envy and top coat as well.  The formula is very easy to work with and the colour is a gorgeous shimmery green that looks blue in a lot of lights!  Some brush strokes are visible, but that's situation normal for most shimmery polishes.

I love this polish, it's a lovely colour and so easy to apply - a nice break from all those three and four coater polishes!

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - OPI Top Coat
Polish used:Rimmel Green With Envy - two coats

Friday, March 8, 2013

Barry M Brittania and OPI Germinis

Hey guys, back again! I have to say I'm super disappointed with how the pictures turned out. While it shows how amazing OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue is. Barry M Brittania which I layered over OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons looks messy. Like having sprinkles or 100's and 1000's in icecream and the colour leaks out leaving a gloopy grey mess.

I hope the bottle pics at least give a better idea at how amazingly gorgeous Brittania is. Barry M Brittania has a clear base with medium red, white and blue hexagons and tiny red, white and blue specks of glitter as well. To be able to spread it evenly I definitely recommend using the dabbing technique. Maybe that's where I went wrong, I put two layers of this to add more glitter, but maybe it wasn't dry enough or something like that and it smudged together?..

Moving on.. OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons is a very classy light tanned skin colour creme that is opaque with two coats. Which I followed with two coats of Brittania. Unfor-greta-bly Blue is also a two-coater that has a beautiful shimmer to it that I can just stare into for ages. I used three coats, because I wanted a more vibrant colour but two works just as well. I finished with a top coat. I'll definitely have to do another mani using Brittania that better shows off how amazing it is.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest and Australis Speck-tacular


Every Month Is Oktoberfest is from OPI's Germany collection and it's one of my favourite polishes.  It's a dark vampy eggplant purple with a beautiful shimmer that shows up in the sun!  Unfortunately my house gets about two minutes of sunshine every day so I don't have a photo of the polish on my nails in the sun, but here's a bottle shot.

Look at that gorgeous colour!  It really lights up your nails.

I used two coats of Oktoberfest for these swatches.  The first coat looks blue like pen ink, but darkens to the purple when you add the second coat.

I added Australis Crystal Colour Speck-tacular top coat because I could.  (You can get this polish from Big W and some Targets and pharmacies).

Look at those rainbow flakies!  This is a great top coat, the flakies go onto the nail quite evenly spread out (I had to do a little dabbing, but not much) and the effect is fantastic.

Base & top coat:Base - none
Top - OPI Top Coat
Polish used:OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest - two coats
Australis Speck-tacular - one coat