Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ruffian Manicure with Chi Chi and Sally Hansen

I'm not particularly creative but I love trying out the amazing designs others have suggested.
This is a ruffian manicure as shown by Chalkboardnails, a design recommended to me by Alicea that looked absolutely amazing in the pictures. So here is my take on it.

I wanted a chance to show off one of my Gem Crush polishes by Sally Hansen. I used Big Money, which is a gorgeous glitter, primarily gold but also filled with baby pink flecks as well. Opaque with one coat. While not the easiest to create delicate lines with it definitely flows on evenly and dries quickly. Be careful when removing it, as glitter goes everywhere. 
Chi Chi polishes are really nice to use, with two coats they are opaque, and they are definitely brighter than a lot of others I've found.

I did two layers of the base coats, Chi Chi purple and orange (they don't have specific names unfortunately) and then two layers of Big Money starting a little bit lower than the base colour. With thin layers it can be done really quickly, though that depends on the polishes you use. This a great and easy way to show off a range of your polish collection.

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