Sunday, February 24, 2013

PVA Glue as Base Coat (Take Two)

After my less-than-inspiring first try at a PVA glue peel off base coat, I decided to try it again with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and OPI Goldeneye over the top.  This time, I used a thicker layer of the glue and a small normal paintbrush instead of my stiff plastic-bristle brush so that the brush didn't end up scraping the glue off my nails as I applied it.

Now, let's take a look at the day-by-day account:
Day One: The mani survived the day (with lots of hand washing etc) and also a hot shower.  I got a small chip on one of my thumbs and the polish on my right index finger started peeling at the free edge, so I put some top coat on it and wrapped the tip to make it stay down.

Day Two: I had small chips on a couple of my nails but other than that, everything looked fine.  I kept the mani on for 3/4 of the day before taking it off, but I think that it would have survived another shower or two!

Removal: The removal had me in raptures.  I was making little exclamations of joy to myself, alone in my bathroom, as I peeled all the polish off my nails.  Wow.  Thanks to the thicker base coat of PVA, all the polish on my nails peeled off in single sheets, without any damage to my natural nail.  There was a bit of polish remaining on the sides of my nails where I'd obviously missed applying PVA, so I needed a bit of remover to clean up.

Overall: After finding this attempt at PVA base coat successful, I can make an informed recommendation that this method is fantastic for short-term (1-2 days) wear and really takes the dread out of scrubbing/acetoning your fingers to death when you wear glitter polish.  This is a method I'm definitely going to be using a lot in the future!

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