Monday, February 18, 2013

My First China Glazes!

I found a smallish pharmacy that said it had discount beauty products, so I went and checked it out - I was ecstatic to find bins of $10 China Glaze polishes!  I didn't think that China Glaze was sold in any brick and mortar stores in Australia and I didn't have any in my collection, so I was very excited.  There was a good selection of colours, most of them neons, but I picked three out of the pile to take home - Ruby Pumps (I'm a sucker for sparkly red - it's probably a result of watching The Wizard of Oz too many times as a child), Snow Globe and Flying Dragon.  No swatches here, but I'd like to show off the bottles I bought!

Ruby Pumps is a beautiful red glitter polish.  The glitter particles are tiny and such a lovely red colour, I'm very excited to try this one on!

Snow Globe is an iridescent glitter polish with large glitter particles.  I'm looking forward to layering this one!  Look how snowy and sparkly it is!

Finally, I have Flying Dragon.  This one's a neon magenta-purple with tiny little blue glitter particles throughout, and I'm pretty sure there's some kind of shimmer in there too!  It's a bit more eye-searing in real life, which should be fun to wear!

There was a bin of $14 OPI polishes as well, and I saw a bottle of My Private Jet - it looked brownish and had holo particles in it.  I'm not a huge lover of holographic polishes (though they are very cool) so I didn't pick it up, but if anyone wants it, just send me an email and I'll see what I can do!


On another note, my Mum let me paint her nails!  She is very anti-polish and looks at each of my new manis with varying degrees of disdain (but an increasing amount of interest - my plan is succeeding!).  After seeing my current mani, she asked me whether I'd like to paint her nails for the weekend so she could have time to wear polish then take it off for work later.  I'm not sure whether this is an effort on her part to understand something of my life, or whether it was just curiosity.

Either way, I was very excited and I gave her the choice between OPI Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs and Rimmel Green With Envy.  She chose Suzi.  I base coated her nails ("What does that do, Alicea?") then applied two coats of colour ("I can feel my nails contracting.").  She refused top coat and complained when I missed a little bit on the sides of her nails. It was heaps of fun anyway and I'm glad she let me do it!

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