Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Max Factor Fantasy Fire (Part One)


Here it is, Max Factor Fantasy Fire! I have to say I had seen this often in the Max Factor section at my local shopping centre and always thought to myself, 'If I had money, I would definitely buy that polish'. Well, Alicea was lovely enough to have purchased a second bottle and now I'm finally trying it out.

I did not expect it to be an overcoat polish at all. But I have to say its effects are mesmerizing. I layered one coat of Fantasy Fire over two coats of Lacquer Noir. Noir is a little difficult to get a full coat with one dip in the polish,I think because of the little bottle and the little brush. I don't normally like have lots of polish on the brush, because it makes thick layers, but it is definitely necessary for this polish. Other than that, it goes on smoothly and is a lovely black creme.

Fantasy Fire is super easy to work with and looks absolutely amazing over black. 

I tried to take a photos showing the different shades the glitter shines but I don't think I got them all. It changes from a beautiful green, to a deep fiery red and sometimes the purple base shines through too. Definitely a must have polish.

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