Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Matte Black Zebra Nail Art

Hey guys, I have a really simple tutorial for you. I did a Matte Black Zebra mani that looked amazing. I got comments from a lot of people, wondering how I did it. I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this idea; using matte and glossy polish.

I don't have a Matte Black polish so I just layered a Rimmel Matte Finish over the top of Maxfactor Noir and it had the same effect. I used two coats of Noir for opacity. I have to say, with prolonged use of this polish, I am growing less and less fond of it. With the little bottle it does not cover the nail smoothly and effectly with a normal amount of polish on the brush. I recommend buying a larger bottle for a larger brush (possibly A England Camelot which looks gorgeous, or something from OPI).

After I layered the Matte Finish over Noir, I got a black striper and painted some stripes. If you don't have a polish bottle with its own striper brush, you can definitely just use your own and a normal black polish for this.

I always do two, maybe three lines in the centre of the nail when doing zebra or tiger stripes. I place at different positions on each nail. Then I alternate each side with long stripes and short stripes. Very simple and looks fabulous. 

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